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Whether it’s a car, a spontaneous short vacation, the overdraft balance, urgently needed facilities or important work utensils and materials, a loan is often needed quickly and urgently. Because time is often short, but the necessary small change is missing.

A loan from the house bank – good things take time

A loan from the house bank - good things take time

Of course, almost every house bank offers loans for a wide variety of wishes and needs. However, there are usually many bureaucratic approaches and guidelines that must be followed. The bank reviews, examines and compiles facts before approving a loan. This may take a long time. Time that many potential borrowers don’t always have. The car is broken and a new one is urgently needed to be able to do the work. A spontaneous short vacation is pending, but the great offer is only valid for a short time.

The account is overdrawn and urgently needs to be cleared. Certain things are needed at very short notice and hardly allow a delay. It’s all a problem if your bank takes a lot of time to approve the loan applied for and takes several days or even weeks in advance to check the loan application and take a close look at it. For many loan seekers, this time often takes too long.

The online payday loan with instant decision – the quick and easy loan option

The online loan with instant decision - the quick and easy loan option

If you urgently need a loan, but the house bank plans days or even weeks for approval, you can use an online payday loan with an immediate decision. There are many providers on the Internet who provide such a loan. In this way, wishes, dreams and needs can be satisfied quickly, easily and without complications. You can usually find out at a glance what conditions you can get a loan here and what documents you have to submit.

Usually the last proof of income is sufficient here, which you can conveniently fax or email. This enables a quick decision, usually within a few hours. On many portals and comparison sites, you can then select the best and most suitable loan offer for you and thus enable short-term liquidity.

An online payday loan with an instant decision – a good standard contract

An online loan with an instant decision - a good standard contract

In contrast to the credit contract with your house bank, an online payday loan with an immediate decision is usually a standard contract. Your house bank usually takes a little time until the application is approved, but the local banks usually respond very individually to your needs. An online payday loan with an instant decision is about getting the money you need as quickly as possible. For this purpose, you will usually be offered standardized contracts that hardly adapt to your individual needs.

You should take this into account when taking out such a loan. Nevertheless, these are usually good standard contracts. However, you should not be afraid to compare the different offers, because this way you will find the good standard that best suits your individual needs.

Long-term loans – what conditions must be met to obtain them? /long-term-loans-what-conditions-must-be-met-to-obtain-them/ Sun, 19 Jan 2020 06:54:56 +0000

Loan companies are becoming more and more popular. Many people resign from bank services for lending companies. This is primarily due to the fact that non-bank institutions are constantly taking action to adapt their offer to the expectations of the widest group of clients. Loan application procedures in such companies are devoid of unnecessary formalities. Recently, long-term loans have become one of the absolute hits. What conditions must be met to obtain them? It is good to know that long-term loans have been discussed in an extremely accurate manner. There is accurate information about the best companies offering such financial products.

Is a long-term loan profitable?

Is a long-term loan profitable?

Online loans are more and more often borrowed by consumers. This is due not only to convenience, but also to the fact that the entire application process is very fast. In order to apply for a long-term loan, you do not have to meet any restrictive requirements that apply to classic bank loans. As you know, banking institutions verify the credibility of the person applying for the loan extremely accurately. To get a loan or a bank loan, you have to have a flawless credit history and sufficient income.

It is completely different in the case of loan companies. You only need to follow a few very simple rules. I am talking about possessing citizenship with an identity card, possessing a residence or registered address in the territory , having a bank account with access to electronic banking. If we meet the above conditions, it is very likely that we will be able to get an installment loan. This type of loan is intended for all people who would like to borrow a relatively large amount of money for a longer period of time. An undoubted advantage of such a solution is also the fact that we do not have to explain to the parabank on what we are going to spend the money on. We decide what we will use it for and no one will be interested in what we spend it on.

Installment loan for the unemployed and indebted?

Installment loan for the unemployed and indebted?

Can the unemployed get a long-term loan? It turns out that yes. Of course, such people have no chance when applying for a classic bank loan. It is completely different in the case of parabanks. During the long-term loan application procedure, the customer does not need to provide any documents regarding the amount of income received. It is therefore a great financial product for both the unemployed, casual workers and those with small debts. People with debts, in order to increase their chances of financing, should additionally complete a loan application with a guarantor. Loans with residents are used on an increasingly larger scale. This is due to the fact that the number of indebted people is constantly increasing.

Credit repurchase: our 5 tips before committing /credit-repurchase-our-5-tips-before-committing/ Sun, 19 Jan 2020 06:14:00 +0000

You have decided to combine your credits, and you end up with a buyout proposal in your hands? What should you watch out for before committing? Discover our tips in five points.


1. Do not confuse interest rate and monthly repayment

do not confuse interest rate and monthly repayment

When a loan is bought, the debt is rescheduled with a new term and a new interest rate. For the organization offering the buyout, it is very easy to reduce the monthly payment during the buyout: it suffices to increase the duration of the loan. A repayment over a longer period thus means a lower monthly payment, but be careful:

  • A longer repayment term implies a lower monthly payment, but does not necessarily imply a more advantageous interest rate!
  • The longer the repayment period, the higher the total cost (credit interest), regardless of the interest rate!

Before committing, it is therefore advisable not to just compare the monthly premiums before and after the redemption. Remember to check the interest rate offered: is it really lower than that of your old loan whose balance you want to buy back?


2. Check the proposed reimbursement period

credit loan

The longer the repayment period, the higher the total interest paid! For the same interest rate, a 36-month credit will be 50% more expensive than a 24-month credit! We advise you to always prefer, as far as possible, the shortest possible repayment period. Also consider that it is always possible to make a prepayment, and thus save on the total interest of the credit.


3. Credit card balance and leasing: who manages what?

Credit card

If the repurchase of credit effectively makes it possible to settle at once all invoice linked to credit cards or a leasing, it is advisable to check who pays what. Upon redemption:

  • Will the bank be responsible for paying the leasing / credit card bills for you?
  • Or will this money be paid to you, and it will then be up to you to settle these outstanding invoices?

In the case of leases, it is generally always the bank which is responsible for settling the invoices in place of the client. In the case of a credit card balance due, both situations can arise. We advise you, before committing, to clarify who pays what.


4. Is it possible to obtain additional credit?

4. Is it possible to obtain additional credit?

If the repurchase of credit generally consists only in regrouping several debts (credits, credit cards, leasing) in only one more advantageous credit, it is also possible to obtain an additional credit. This is not automatically offered by the bank, and it is up to you, in the event of interest or need, to indicate it during the request.


5. Costs of other services?

credit services?

The cost of a loan, or a loan buy-back, consists mainly of the total interest on the loan. However, other costs can be added:

  • Possible costs of insurance (usually optional). You should then ask yourself if you need this insurance and, if necessary, have it canceled. It is also possible to cancel this type of insurance at any time for the end of the current month.
  • Any other costs: paper billing costs for example, application fees (very rarely requested), etc.

If you need advice on a loan buy-back offer, it is also always possible to call on a loan broker or agency who will analyze your situation and why not offer you a more advantageous alternative!

Ranking of popular loans /ranking-of-popular-loans/ Fri, 27 Dec 2019 06:38:46 +0000

Loans are financial products that can be granted by both banks and private equity companies . Liabilities incurred in banks are usually mortgage loans or cash loans. More often, however, people who need money “already” use popular online loans offered by Good Finance.

Non-bank loans usually involve small amounts. The loan period for such liabilities is short, usually it is several months. Companies that provide online loans without BIK and KRD do not pay much attention to the verification of borrowers. For this reason, there are no big restrictions for people who want to take out a loan online. Non-bank liabilities include payday loans, installment loans, non-bank mortgage loans, private loans and Good Credit loans.

What can loans be used for?

What can loans be used for?

Internet loans are usually not targeted . So they can be used for a voluntary purpose. Payday loans usually cover current expenses, bills, trips, minor repairs. On the other hand, loans for higher amounts can be used to buy a car, renovate a house or even as an own contribution when buying a flat.

Good Finance do not ask what the client needs money for. Installment bank loans are an exception, although this is not the rule. These are longer liabilities, even for 60 months, and they relate to amounts of several dozen thousand dollars.

Online loans – for whom?

Online loans - for whom?

Online loans are usually provided by Good Finance, which means minimum formalities . The main requirement is age, it is necessary to be 18 years old. The rest of the requirements depend on the company that provides the loan. Sometimes, you need to have Polish citizenship, an account in a Polish bank and have an email or phone number. And what documents should be prepared? One often talks about a loan as proof and that is the case. Most private limited companies only need to provide proof of identity. This is enough to get the money you need into your account in minutes.

However, this applies to small amounts. If the applicant wants to receive a larger amount, then it may be necessary to provide additional documents such as those required by banks. These check the creditworthiness and information contained in the BIK. Certificates confirming the type of work and the amount of income received are also often required. It is more difficult to get a cash loan from a bank, hence the popularity of products offered by Good Finance.

If the applicant applies for a small amount, it is usually a maximum of several thousand dollars, it is very likely that he will get it almost immediately . This is the case with payday loans. Good Finance even offer loans online for those in debt. They do not analyze BIK or KRD, and in the event of repayment problems they secure themselves in a different way.

Online loan costs

Online loan costs

The costs of online loans without verification are often higher than, for example, cash or mortgage loans. They are difficult to generalize, because they depend on the offer of a specific private capital company.

However, you should be aware of an administrative fee and insurance fee if your Good Finance applies them. Additional costs arise when the borrower wants to extend the loan repayment period or fails to pay its liabilities on time. You should also pay for prompts and recovery costs if the customer fails to comply with the contract.

Where to look for loans online?

Where to look for loans online?

It is worth reviewing the current loan ranking, where you can find offers available on the market. Thanks to such combinations, popular loans can be compared taking into account the possible range of the liability amount and the maximum repayment period.

You can also use loan comparison websites , where information about APRC or the total repayment amount will also be displayed. Loans can also be found directly on Good Finance websites and in stationary branches. Some equity companies allow you to take out a phone loan.

Loans for those in debt – are they secure?

Loans for those in debt - are they secure?

Online loans without BIK are safe if they are paid on time. Exceeding the repayment date generates additional liability costs. If the Good Finance grants loans without BIK, it is secured by high fees. There is a danger, however, that the client will fall into the debt loop with nothing to pay back the loans, so he will take more to settle his previous liabilities.

The Good Finance themselves, which grant loans to people with bailiffs, contribute to this. Then a better and often the only solution is consolidation of loans , which includes various types of liabilities, including payday loans. Combining several liabilities into one extends the loan period and reduces the installment, thanks to which the borrower’s home budget is relieved.

Loans for proof from 18 years of age /loans-for-proof-from-18-years-of-age/ Tue, 03 Dec 2019 06:38:09 +0000

On average, every third loan application is rejected by the bank, which means that 1/3 of people applying for money is left with nothing. In such situations, non-bank forms of borrowing, including loans for proof, are the salvation most often. They are available without many formalities, very quickly and usually without the need to provide a statement of earnings.

Differentiator against the background of others

Differentiator against the background of others

A special feature that distinguishes them from other products of this type is that to obtain it you only need to present an identity document and … nothing more. Loan companies very rarely require additional documents, work certificates, evidence of bills paid or even a permanent source of employment. Such an easy-to-obtain loan for proof of minor flaws: a low maximum loan amount and usually short deadlines for paying off your total liability.

Immediate loans

Immediate loans

However, this does not prevent many people from applying for this type of loan. They appreciate the speed at which the application is processed and evaluated, as well as the rapid processing time of the cash withdrawal order. Money can be in the borrower’s account even within a few minutes. The simple form of contracting, which is most often done online, is not without significance. And this means that loans for ID can be taken from virtually anywhere in the world: all you need is network access and a bank account.

Adults for a loan

Adults for a loan

It is also worth knowing that while other types of loans and borrowers set a number of requirements for the borrower, those given as proof may be taken by up to eighteen-year-olds who became adults on the same day. This is an interesting option for young people who want to, for example, build their positive credit history for the future. Taking a loan and paying off – even within a few days – will allow you to sign up for BIK as a trustworthy borrower, who in the following years should not have problems with taking a loan or even buying a TV in installments.

The best online payday loans: online cash /the-best-online-payday-loans-online-cash/ Sat, 30 Nov 2019 06:55:26 +0000

Lots of stories about borrowing payday loans have an unfavorable image in a society made up of high debts for this fast, mostly online loan.

As a result, pursuant to the Act submitted in March 2016, the safety of consumers taking the so-called payday loans increased significantly. Currently, borrowing such cash is less risky. However, it is up to us in the significant dose to consider when concluding any treasury contracts.

This habit will have consequences in the future

This habit will have consequences in the future

There are a few simple guidelines that you can think of to improve your personal safety when getting a loan.

Checking the institution granting payday loans. Reviewing opinions about loan units, we can quickly treat ourselves to valuable messages. It is necessary to test whether the company exists in the association of Loan Companies. Warnings and penalties that can be imposed on such companies will also be published online. These are the first steps you should take to minimize the risk of borrowing payday loans.

Nowadays, many companies detail the actual expenses of taking a quick loan. However, the most appropriate information is to test by phone with an office employee. By the way, we will be able to find out if additional payments for fiscal services will be added to us in the event of late repayment.

Let’s pay special attention to entries about commission, interest rate, insurance, interest rate (we will find this data under the abbreviation APRC). You should also make sure about the amount of reminders in the form of letters, sms or in the case of requests for payment. Expenses of making calls to the hotline will sometimes even shock us.

The strategy for requesting payday loans online

The strategy for requesting payday loans online

Should start with the main tasks to increase our online safety. These include the installation of anti-virus software, clearing browser cookies and restarting our PC. Next, we can complete the online application in which we usually provide our personal data. If we use social internet points, e.g. at the station or in the library, make sure that the anti-virus program is installed and all the updates are uploaded.

The loan amount is another significant issue when you incur short-term debt. We carefully calculate how much we need and what amount we can safely return without exposing ourselves to breaking the loan repayment rules.

Probably many of us have met with the term more than once, loan online, payday loan proof or payday loan online. For the uninitiated, I will add that these are phrases used to name treasury products provided on a large scale via the Internet. The fact that such a loan is provided for the document itself is of great importance. As a result, the condition is to send an ID card scan electronically.

The simplicity of applying for this form of cash is characterized by the fact that we do not have to present documents on our own income or employment. What is the conclusion? Namely, that this form of financing the household budget can be granted even to an unemployed person who has extremely low income. There are no contraindications for payday loans for indebted people because there are a lot of companies on the market that do not check buyers in the Credit Information Base.

The mechanism for providing payday payday loans is very fast

The mechanism for providing payday payday loans is very fast

We forward the application online and wait for the lender to accept the application. Most often it happens that finances are on the applicant’s account within an hour.

What requirements should be met to receive payday pay online? The minimum requirement is adulthood and our citizenship. These data are confirmed on the basis of a personal document scan sent. In general, companies have a clear limit on the amount of money they borrow as proof. It’s best to review such messages on monetary ranking pages. According to this technology, applying for quick cash is not difficult and takes little time.

However, so that our vigilance does not remain dormant, we verify the expenses of all loans online so as not to be misled. That is why it is so important to read all information regarding financial contracts. The costs usually include receivables regarding collateral, interest, reminders, verification fees and costs of extending the repayment time. Delay in repayment of your financial liability in a parabank is charged with unusually high fees when you report the situation to a company dealing with prosecution of debtors.

The advantage of quick payday loans is borrowing such money for a short period of time. It can be a week or a month. Usually this period is variable and is meticulously specified in the non-bank company regulations. However, if we forget about the payday repayment deadline, the costs generally increase and can cause them to exceed our financial capabilities to repay existing obligations.

Credit cards: how to optimize your budget? /credit-cards-how-to-optimize-your-budget/ Tue, 12 Nov 2019 06:21:05 +0000

Is your wallet overflowing with credit cards and your finances paying the price? Discover our advice to optimize your budget and find a healthy economic situation!


How do you get to the excessive accumulation of credit cards?

How do you get to the excessive accumulation of credit cards?

Credit cards sometimes land too easily in your wallets. We can easily illustrate this with a simple scenario: You go shopping and the store offers you to subscribe to a credit card. The card is attractive because it allows you to benefit from an attractive discount on your purchases… And that’s how a new credit card ends up in your wallet!

There are also situations that generate the need to have a credit card, such as certain purchases on the internet or trips abroad. Credit cards are then presented in these cases as essential for the settlement of transactions.


Payment on credit: is it advantageous for the consumer?

Payment on credit: is it advantageous for the consumer?

What is the point for a large brand to offer you payment on credit? Is it really a favor to give a discount when buying on credit? Are you really aware of the consequences of paying on credit on your budget?

Credit cards always generate exorbitant fees, especially compared to private credit. In the end, the discount offered in the event of purchase on credit is completely absorbed by the fees incurred by the credit card. Beware of the discounts allegedly offered when paying on credit! They ultimately cause instability in your budget.


Credit card monthly payments

Credit card monthly payments

Each credit card issuing body establishes its own monthly payment conditions. Generally it is required to pay a minimum amount per month for a credit card.

When the cards accumulate, the minimum payment of monthly payments can prove to be particularly heavy for the budget of the consumer! For example: you have a card A on which you have a credit of 5000 dollars and a credit card B on which you have a credit of 3000 dollars. If for cards A and B you have to pay a monthly payment of 10%, then you pay 800.- each month for your credit cards! And that without counting the other costs (interest, annual costs, financing costs, etc.).


Clean up your budget!

credit loan

To stabilize your budget and reduce the amount of your monthly bills, it is possible to buy back credit. What is this operation and what is its impact on your budget?

Let’s take a concrete case: Mr. Huller applies for a loan from our financial partner Best bank. Best bank notes that Mr. Huller already has several credit cards, an outstanding credit and a leasing. Best bank then offers a loan buyout to Mr. Huller. This repurchase includes balances of credit cards, outstanding credit and leasing. This then allows Mr. Huller to settle all outstanding credits! However, even if the credit cards are reset, they are not canceled (it is up to Mr. Huller to terminate them).

The consolidation operation then makes it possible to have a more stable financial situation, to reduce the burden of monthly payments and to reduce the costs generated by the various credits. If you accumulate the credits, it is then interesting to opt for the repurchase of credit. Best bank is at your disposal if necessary!

Loan offers for individual clients /loan-offers-for-individual-clients/ Mon, 28 Oct 2019 05:27:06 +0000

Loans in our country are becoming more and more popular every year – this is mainly due to the fact that loan companies offer their clients more and more attractive offers every year. If you are wondering what conditions must be met to get a loan from this company, then in this article you will find the answer. Here we present what Lender bank’s opinions among customers are and whether its offers are worth interest.

What loans does Lender bank offer?

What loans does Lender bank offer?

Lender bank offers a variety of proposals that match the expectations of various customers. All customers of this company can use the following financial products:

  • short-term loans, so-called payday loans – they can be received for amounts from 300 to 5000 USD,
  • long-term loans, so-called installment loans – they can be received for amounts between USD 1,000 and 15,000,
  • period for which money can be borrowed: from 15 days to a maximum of 48 months,
  • the first free loan for USD 5,000 (it gives back exactly the same amount as it was borrowed),
  • minimum age of the client: 25 years.

Customers have a choice of short-term loans, so-called payday loans (respectively for 15, 30, 45 days) or long-term (payment time from 6 to 48 months).

It is worth knowing that even if our data appear in one of the above-mentioned registers of debtors, we still have a chance to obtain a loan from this company. It is enough that we have sufficiently high income. Each application at Lender bank is approached individually.

Who can get a loan from Lender bank?

Who can get a loan from Lender bank?

A loan at Lender bank can be granted to all persons who meet certain conditions. They are as follows:

  • minimum age of 25,
  • possession of citizenship with an identity card,
  • having consumer status – only natural persons can take advantage of loans at Lender bank,
  • having a permanent address of residence or registered address on the territory,
  • having regular income,
  • no debt recorded in the registers of debtors,
  • no active financial liabilities in Money,
  • having a bank account with access to electronic banking.

Lender bank has positive customer reviews because it listens to their needs and expectations. Customers praise the quick loan application procedure.