Loan offers for individual clients

Loans in our country are becoming more and more popular every year – this is mainly due to the fact that loan companies offer their clients more and more attractive offers every year. If you are wondering what conditions must be met to get a loan from this company, then in this article you will find the answer. Here we present what Lender bank’s opinions among customers are and whether its offers are worth interest.

What loans does Lender bank offer?

What loans does Lender bank offer?

Lender bank offers a variety of proposals that match the expectations of various customers. All customers of this company can use the following financial products:

  • short-term loans, so-called payday loans – they can be received for amounts from 300 to 5000 USD,
  • long-term loans, so-called installment loans – they can be received for amounts between USD 1,000 and 15,000,
  • period for which money can be borrowed: from 15 days to a maximum of 48 months,
  • the first free loan for USD 5,000 (it gives back exactly the same amount as it was borrowed),
  • minimum age of the client: 25 years.

Customers have a choice of short-term loans, so-called payday loans (respectively for 15, 30, 45 days) or long-term (payment time from 6 to 48 months).

It is worth knowing that even if our data appear in one of the above-mentioned registers of debtors, we still have a chance to obtain a loan from this company. It is enough that we have sufficiently high income. Each application at Lender bank is approached individually.

Who can get a loan from Lender bank?

Who can get a loan from Lender bank?

A loan at Lender bank can be granted to all persons who meet certain conditions. They are as follows:

  • minimum age of 25,
  • possession of citizenship with an identity card,
  • having consumer status – only natural persons can take advantage of loans at Lender bank,
  • having a permanent address of residence or registered address on the territory,
  • having regular income,
  • no debt recorded in the registers of debtors,
  • no active financial liabilities in Money,
  • having a bank account with access to electronic banking.

Lender bank has positive customer reviews because it listens to their needs and expectations. Customers praise the quick loan application procedure.

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